Quantum Suicide

A Film by Gerrit Van Woudenberg

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Quantum Suicide is the story of a physicist on a quest for the Grand Unifying Theory of Physics – the “Theory of Everything”.

He builds a particle accelerator in his garage and begins his research into the nature of reality. In the process of his experiments he suffers radiation poisoning, loses his vision and alienates his partner, who eventually leaves him.

But in his obsession he finds clarity and the key to understanding our reality. There is one final test he must perform.


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Miami, FL, USA

Aug 10-20, 2023

World Premiere

European Premiere

Mexico City, MEXICO

Oct 31-Nov 12, 2023

Latin American Premiere

San Francisco, CA, USA

Feb 8-18, 2024

New York City, NY, USA

Apr 4-7, 2024

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jun 18-23, 2024

Chattanooga, TN, USA

Jun 21-28, 2024

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There is a thought experiment in quantum mechanics called quantum suicide. The experimenter literally places their life on the line – the thing they are testing is whether they will live or die. They run the test over and over, like Russian roulette, again and again. The experiment is based on a particular interpretation of quantum mechanics: the many-worlds interpretation. They say that if many-worlds is true, the experimenter will always live.

Now a thought experiment is to be attempted in thought only, but I wanted to tell this story. What would drive someone to commit quantum suicide? What would they need to know to be true about our reality? What type of person, with what type of ethics? And what are the consequences, for them and those around them?

This is not a story about invented science, it must be underpinned by the body of human knowledge – this is a story that explores how the universe actually works. In researching this project, I discovered that in surveys of professional quantum physicists, when asked about the various interpretations of quantum mechanics, the majority believe the leading candidate theory is the many-worlds interpretation (on which the quantum suicide narrative is built). The questions we explore here are not just narrative in nature, they are also explorations of fundamental cosmological and existential questions key to the workings of the universe and our place within it.

There are profound questions to be answered about the nature of reality and its relationship to consciousness that are not normally explored – in daily life, in what we read, in what we watch. These are some of the most important ideas we could contemplate, and yet we spend our lives treading on the surface, forgetting to look at the marvels underneath.




Andrew Rogerson


Kate Totten


Kennedy Montano

Genevieve’s Friend

Andrew Vawda

Professor #1

David Skulski

Professor #2

Stephanie Jaskot


Written, Directed & Edited by

Gerrit Van Woudenberg


Shane Morgan
Gerrit Van Woudenberg

Director of Photography

Casey Bramall

Production Designer

Rafael Ceppetelli

Production Assistant

Taira Evi

Art Director

Eric A.F. Jacobsen

Quantum OS Programmer

Jared Jockhart

Camera Operators

Mike Kroetsch
Dave Patterson

Additional Photography by

Konrad Damian Wieclawski

Crane Operator

Errol Lazare

Location Audio

Maricela Morales

Makeup Artist

Nicole Florut

Audio Rerecording Mixers

Scott Clifford
Jeff Tangsoc

Original Music and Post Production Sound by

Lionshead Entertainment

Original Score by

Mark Lazeski

Sound Supervisor

Frank Faugno

Rerecording Mixer

Frank Faugno

Sound Editors

Phil Layton
Ian Savage
Matt Besler

Lionshead Producers

Kevin Gamble
Stevie Van Skiver

Lionshead Audio Director

Crispin Hands

ADR Recorded at Dick and Rogers Sound Studio

Lionshead Audio Director

Crispin Hands

Additional VO & ADR Recording Engineers

Jeff Tangsoc
Scott Clifford

Visual Effects

Joel LeLievre

Additional Visual Effects

Dan Brittain
Ryan Mackie

Screen Graphics

Corey Bramall

Graphic Design & Typeface


Production Lawyer

Jeff Young


For media inquiries please get in touch by email at contact@quantumsuici.de